The Best Bitcoin Trading Bots of 2022

On our site you will find all the best free crypto trading bot and automatic trading software for trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. All the software that we present to you has all been tested by our team.

With a lot of opportunities to make money in the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin and crypto have become the new gold rush. It is no longer really rare for its investors to invest in cryptocurrencies and make more than consequent profits, some even manage to quit their work and devote this time to trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are very volatile assets, and this volatility allows you to generate profits quickly if you know how to manage it, but and there are a lot of scams on internet and social networks. For this reason, we have taken the initiative to contribute to the sharing of information relating to Bitcoin Trading Bots and trading with cryptocurrencies, to avoid you all scams and to give you our expert opinions on applications relating to crypto-currencies, Bitcoin trading bots and Trading apps.


Crypto trading bot review: Best Bitcoin Trading Bots


1. Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is a new crypto trading bot for trading bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin trader helps us with trading signals to generate profits on the crypto market. The more experienced traders will also like the manual approach of this trading bot instead of sales based on several indicators and graphs.

2. Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era is a crypto trading bot perfect for novice traders. Bitcoin Era provides trading signals so that traders can trade online automatically using the data provided by these signals. More experienced traders can also take a manual approach by setting up sales based on several technical indicators.

3. Bitcoin Revolution

These Bitcoin trading bots are powerful trading bot able of applying good trading strategies. in a very volatile market such as bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you must adapt your strategy to the constant evolutions of the market. Here you need a trustworthy trading bot like Bitcoin Revolution.

4. Bitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is very easy to use automatic trading software. Beginners in the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market will have no difficulty in using it. This trading robot is equipped with one of the most advanced automatic trading algorithms on the market.

How to use these trading bots ?

  • 1. Open an account

    Register in less than a minute.

  • 2. Deposit money

    When creating an account, the best broker is automatically selected. All you have to do is deposit some money to invest and start using the trading robot.

  • 3. Start trading

    Then you can relax and let the software trade for you! The robot analyzes the crypto market and automatically finds the best opportunities.

Frequently asked question about trading bots

Yes, the trading robots and all software tested by our team are 100% legal and secure.

How much money should you deposit to get started?

You can deposit a minimum of 200 € to start. However, it is again to deposit between 500 and 1000 €. This will allow the trading robots to do more trades at the same time, thus multiplying the profits.

What is the price of these trading robots ?

All these Trading bot are 100% free.


Is it easy to start when you don't know how to trade?

These software are designed to be as simple as possible. After registering, all you need to do is follow the steps that the software tells you.

Trade Bitcoin with automatic software

these days a lot of traders are using automatic trading software to make profits in the cryptocurrencies market. All of these trading bots (Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Evolution) are thriving in the cryptocurrency market because these software are very easy to use, even for people who have no trading experience. 

Why these softwares are so special? You just need to register and deposit your amount of money to invest, after that you just have to start the program. These trading bots are 100% automatic and are programmed to spot opportunities in the market, thus buying and selling bitcoin automatically. They are based on sophisticated algorithms as well as trading signals to determine the best times to buy and sell. If you want, you can also follow these signals manually. 

How to start Trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

To start trading crypto, you need to know the basics of online-trading. However, you can also make your life easier and use a trading bot that will take care of everything for you. On this website you will find everything you need to get started. 

About Bitcoin trading bots

bitcoin trading bots are new automatic trading softwares created by a group of passionate trading experts. Bitcoin trader is one of the industry leading software and was created by a team of professional developers, bringing our knowledge and many years of trading experience into these programs.

If you lack trading experience, trading in this cryptocurrency market can be stressful and it can be difficult to get started. The goal of bitcoin trading bots is to revolutionize the world of trading, creating a simple and versatile trading robot suitable not only for beginners, but also for professional traders to help them achieve their full potential in the markets.


Auto trading software like these bitcoin trading bot makes it easier to buy currencies and cryptocurrencies, helping traders gain more profit in the markets.

How does bitcoin trading bot work?

bitcoin trading bot are an all in one system, doing everything possible to detect the best opportunities in the market. Choose between two modes: automatic and manual. thanks to these functions, decide for yourself whether you want to manage your transaction yourself or leave the trading robot in your place.


Automatic Mode: The robot will execute all transactions automatically. All the most reliable technical indicators are taken into account in order to calculate the currently safest transactions.

Manual mode: the bitcoin trading bot can easily be used in manual mode. Here you get all the trading signals on when to sell or buy currencies, but you can decide what you want to do.

Is bitcoin trading bot Legal?

Yes, programs like these bitcoin trading bot are 100% legal and Safe. The market is constantly changing at a rapid pace, which makes it more and more difficult to make a profit through trading. This is why more and more traders and even large banks and financial institutions are switching to algorithmic trading to make profits.

Automatic trading with a crypto trading bot: How does it work?

These crypto trading bots has sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) that analyzes the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Trading bots have a major advantage because they can make the best decisions quickly, as they analyze thousands of data per second.

Crypto trading bots can transact 1000 times more accurate and faster than any other human trader. This speed is really one of the most important prerequisites for becoming a successful trader, especially when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies market. These Bitcoin trading softwares are the most efficient and fastest trading bots available today. It is particularly easy to use and extremely efficient. These trading algorithm is used by both beginner and more experienced traders.

The point is, machines do certain jobs better than we do, and the crypto world has already agreed that this is exactly the case with software like Bitcoin trading bots. But while this is true, always be careful when choosing your trading software, as there are also a huge number of unreliable or badly designed robots.

Do I need bitcoins to use a Bitcoin trading bot ?

You don’t need bitcoins to use a bitcoin trading bot. We want to help you make money, so you can just deposit the money you earn into your bank account. After signing up, choose from different options to deposit money with your broker. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

Is there a Bitcoin Trading bot in mobil app? 

Yes, these Bitcoin trading bots has a free mobile application, allowing you to control your account and trade on the go. Thanks to this Android trading app, you always have an overview of your trading when traveling or abroad.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions,
online trading can be especially worrying if you don’t know what you are doing. 

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