Immediate Edge Review

Immediate Edge is a reliable software to generate additional income online!

The news comes out, and you’re expecting weakness in the EUR/USD. The price action starts, and your order doesn’t fill.

A few seconds later, you find that the system did process your order, getting you in, right at the bottom of the price action. You sit there and start pulling your hair out as the price action reverses, and you’re down thousands of dollars in seconds.

Many newbie traders have this same experience. Price action and trading are one thing, but trying to get a good fill on an entry or exit is another. If you don’t have a trading strategy and experience with trading platforms, trading will cost you money in hard lessons.

In the second and third quarters of 2020, millions of millennials cashed in their stimulus checks to open trading accounts. However, many of them lost all their money to Robinhood or another platform in days or weeks. If you want to start trading the markets, you need an edge.

What Does It Mean to Have an “Edge” In Trading?

A trading edge means that you’re consistently executing a trading strategy with a proven track record for success. If you don’t know how to spot an A+ setup or determine a retracement pattern from an extension pattern, why are you trading?

If you’re speculating purely on news events and price action, you’re going to end up losing most of the time. Sure, you might get a few big winners that sustain you along the way, but eventually, you’ll lose everything.

How can we say that? You know plenty of people that are making money and don’t learn how to trade properly. The reality is that every strategy works in a hot market. However, trends reverse, and when the dark days start rolling, you’ll find yourself losing profits faster than Dave Portnoy.

With a strategy, you follow a set of rules, allowing you to spot your trade’s ideal entry and exit. However, it can take years to learn how to trade a strategy successfully. We doubt you have this kind of time.

What if we told you there was a way you could start trading without researching, backtesting, or planning? Sounds good, right?

What Is Immediate Edge?

With Immediate Edge, you have the option of getting the edge you need in the capital markets. Immediate Edge is a trading bot for the crypto, forex, and binary options markets. The bot runs an automated trading strategy based on an algorithm.

The best traders in the world are all math geniuses. They program algorithms to enter and exit trades based on backtested strategies that provide real-world results. However, with an algorithm, there is no emotion in the trade.

It’s common for new traders to hold onto losers for longer than they should, and they also sell winners to early. Beginners do this because they don’t have a strategy, they’re afraid of a winner suddenly reversing into a loser, and they sell too soon.

It’s the same with loser trades, they hold on too long, thinking the pair will reverse, but it keeps crashing. They keep averaging down and eventually get a margin call.

With Immediate edge, there is no emotion. The bot gets you in and out of trades, with the best possible entries and exits. When an automated trading strategy guides your trading, you get lightning-fast executions.

Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

The results with Immediate Edge sound too good to be true. A bot that does everything for you while you sit back and count your profits – yeah, right, what’s the catch?

The truth is that’s there’s no catch. Immediate Edge is a completely legitimate trading bot, with plenty of success stories online.

How Do I Start with Immediate Edge?

Getting started with Immediate Edge is easy. Sign up on the site, and you get access to the platform after pay8ing your subscription fee. Choose from the list of recommended brokers, and open your forex, crypto, or binary options trading account.

Fund your trading account or wallet, and log in to the dashboard on your Immediate Edge platform. You’re ready to start your market analysis and make trades right away. The Immediate Edge algorithm works in real-time, giving you accurate market data and price action.

What are the Benefits of Trading with Immediate Edge?

Trade Across Multiple Asset Classes: Trade forex pairs, binary options, or cryptocurrencies.

Accurate Market Data and Analysis: Get the latest data and press releases in real-time.

Demo Trading Account: Practice your paper trading skills before trading real money.

User-Friendly Interface: The dashboard and interface are clean and easy to navigate.

High User Success Rates: There are plenty of success stories with Immediate Edge.

Encrypted Transactions: Immediate Edge and it’s broker partners run encrypted networks.

Low Minimum Deposit: Most brokers working with Immediate Edge accept a $250 minimum deposit for opening an account.

Professional Customer Support: You get professional support over phone, email, and live chat 24/7.

Immediate Edge FAQ

Is Immediate Edge a Broker?

No, Immediate Edge is a trading bot. You sync it with your broker or crypto exchange. When withdrawing and depositing, you do it through the recommended brokers, not Immediate Edge.

Are there any Hidden Fees with Immediate Edge?

No, there are no hidden fees. You pay a subscription fee for your use of the platform, and no hidden charges. However, check with your broker for transaction fees on your orders.

What are People Saying about Immediate Edge?

There are thousands of satisfied customer testimonials all over social media platforms.

Does Immediate Edge Offer a Mobile App?

Yes, there’s an app available for Android and iOS

Immediate Edge Reviews: The Verdict

If you’re new to trading, Immediate Edge is a great way to take the hassle and frustration out of trading the crypto, forex, and binary options markets.

Immediate Edge gives you the skills and strategy you need to stack profits consistently. Start chasing your dreams today and sign up with Immediate Edge to get the results you want!

Immediate Edge is a reliable software to generate additional income online!