Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution is a robo advisor for trading cryptocurrences. The system is a auto trading software that continuously analyzes the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. markets and determines in seconds when coins can be bought and sold.

If traders wanted to perform such transactions manually, they would need to be able to work around the clock and use less technology. How does Bitcoin Revolution work? Should investors be cautious about investing in this crypto-robot? Check out our Bitcoin Revolution stories. We start with the best tips and answers to the most important questions.

Conclusion in advance: A good trading software for beginners and professional traders



Bitcoin Revolution is a robo advisor that recognizes price fluctuations in cryptocurrency and exploits them when trading.

Opening a Bitcoin Revolution account is easy and quick. There’s no need to verify your identity.


The crypto robo Bitcoin revolution promises high profits for trading digital currencies electronically. What does this actually mean? What is the Bitcoin Revolution? Are there big potential profits for investors? We will be looking at the offer and also the fraud allegations surrounding the software.


The homepage explains that the crypto robot performs the following: Bitcoin Revolution analyzes the cryptocurrency market and the price fluctuations for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Co. Based upon this data, the Bitcoin Revolution algorithm calculates and analyzes further price developments. The software generates high returns through automatic trades. The crypto robo can be set up by traders to suit their needs.

Provider is totally free. The software and its use are free. Only your name, e mail address, and desired password are required to open an account. Verification of these data is not necessary. Once you have successfully registered, you will be redirected to a partner trader so that you can make your first deposit. 250 Euros is the minimum amount you can invest.


Bitcoin evolution is no a scam, is a program that allows users to create trading strategies and algorithms that will then be executed on their behalf when pre-set market conditions are met during live trading. The program runs on the cloud, which means that you do not have to download anything to your personal computer. It also means that the program can run even when your computer is not on. 

Many people feel like they can become proficient at analyzing the markets on their own. While this is true, using a platform such as the Bitcoin Revolution provides investors with the opportunity to automate the trades that they want to make. Overall, this platform does not guarantee that you will make money. However, it does make the entire process of trading much more straightforward and opens opportunities that investors may not have unless they sit in front of their computers all day, every day.  

You can contact Bitcoin Revolution customer service if you’re interested in investing via a trading robot. This can be reached via live chat or e-mail 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin Revolution is an algorithm that predicts Bitcoin price fluctuations. The provider claims a 99 percent accuracy. It was also named the US Trading Association’s best trading software.

Our Bitcoin Revolution experience can’t prove it, so we cannot confirm or refute this claim on accuracy. Even if the algorithm was slightly less accurate, it still seems very high. It is still unclear how the algorithm works. How is such a high success rate possible?


The robot analyses the Bitcoin market and calculates the price. The robot then uses the analysis to determine the price development. In some ways, the Bitcoin Revolution algorithm differs from other robots. Different results can be achieved with the same use. You, the user, must ensure that the settings are correct for sales and purchases. Only then will the bot perform the desired tasks.

One example: If the algorithm predicts that Bitcoin will rise in price, coins can be bought. If the algorithm predicts that the price will drop, coins can be sold.

Investors would need to be able to access their computers 24/7 without the help of a robot like Bitcoin Revolution. They would also have to perform the calculations and hope that their transactions would be executed on time.


The software is free to investors. Capital is held with outside brokers. These are not regulated platforms. Deposits and withdrawals are free, as well as trades and demo mode.

Pros and Cons

As with every type of trading platform available, there are some good things and some bad things. Some of the positive aspects of Bitcoin Revolution include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple account verification
  • Trade settings are customizable
  • No hidden charges or fees
  • Easy to withdraw money
  • Many cryptocurrencies are supported
  • Several deposit options
  • The minimum deposit is low at just $250

Some of the negative aspects of the Bitcoin Revolution include:

  • Currently does not offer a mobile app. 
  • Marketing claims are not verified
  • Solid data does not back high accuracy rates


For registration to Bitcoin Revolution, you will need your full name, email address and mobile number as well as a password. Account verification is not necessary. Once you have completed the registration, you will automatically be redirected towards a partner trader such as eMarkets Trade. These are the traders the robo works alongside. Deposits are limited to 250 euros. The minimum deposit required to activate auto-trading or place your first trade is 250 euros. You can also use the demo mode to see the options and test them out before you buy.

Bitcoin Revolution allows you to buy and sell bitcoins. It works with brokers such as 24option. You decide what level of risk you are willing to take as a trader. You can either invest all or part your deposit. The algorithm calculates your chances of winning.


According to the company’s own statements, Bitcoin Revolution ensures strong encryption of data. It also works with well-established brokers like investous and 24option. All brokers that are integrated into the system have been verified to be genuine. They protect the funds deposited and make sure withdrawals and deposits run smoothly.

Caution: Since 2019, BaFin has warned of numerous dubious businesses and their business models. This provider is not considered reliable by the supervisory authority. This could be due to the fact that this company is not permitted to offer automated trading as it is not authorized under Section 32 of German Banking Act (KWG). The domain registration is anonymous and there is no information on the people responsible. BaFin recommends against trading cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Revolution.


European regulators are yet not able to regulate cryptocurrencies. Investor protection is not available. Direct investments in coins are also risky. Automated trading is also risky.

We recommend that you only buy and sell digital currencies from licensed and trusted providers. Avoid dubious and unreliable providers that promise high profits when you are investing.


Dealers have 24 hour access to the provider via email or live chat.

Bitcoin Revolution

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United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]


You may have been saving your money for a bit and think that you are ready to risk it all. However, whenever you start out using a new platform, it is best to start out small. When you start with the minimum amount for your first deposit it will allow you the time to test and experiment with amounts that you can afford to lose. This provides you with the opportunity to test out different settings to determine what might work best for your particular account. 

Additionally, the better you are at setting trade rules, the higher amounts that you will be able to trade. This translates into bigger profits in the long term. When you start out small and practice patience, you are more likely to make the gains that you are looking for. This will provide you with more money in your account than you started with. You can then use this amount to make trades instead of depositing more money. Starting out small helps to minimize the risk. Remember, there are no guarantees when it comes to investing. 

Conclusion: is Bitcoin Revolution Legit ?

After testing all of the features and stages of this system, the overall verdict is that the platform is impressive. There are several characteristics and advantages that benefit traders. This includes a friendly interface, several great features, no extra charges, easy transactions, and quality customer service. 

For those considering cryptocurrency trading, no matter what type of experience you might have, this can be a very useful tool. Registering an account is simple. The settings can be easily manipulated, potential for profiting is high, and the withdrawal process is easy to follow, with money being back into your account in just 24 hours. Every step just takes a couple of minutes. Trades are handled by the robot, making the system fairly hands off once you get started. 

Additionally, the program is safe to use and all financial accounts and personal information is protected. Bitcoin Revolution is backed by professional and licensed brokers and any questions that you might have are answered quickly, professionally, and at no additional cost.

Conclusion: A good trading software for beginners and professional traders