Bitcoin Revolution Review

Bitcoin Revolution: it is legit or is just a scam ?

Bitcoin Revolution is a new algorithmic trading program, allowing the trader to generate profits in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. This crypto trading robot analyzes the market and automatically detects opportunities in the bitcoin market. after our test we can say that it is a very good software, which will not make you rich overnight but gives stable and constant returns.

Conclusion: exceptional software for beginners and professionals.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there are only two real ways to make money. The first is to purchase and hold onto several crypto coins and then sell them after they increase. The second way is to trade cryptocurrencies using exchanges actively. Holding onto cryptocurrencies provides an efficient way to make a profit in the crypto space. However, this method requires patience and time to get desirable results. Unfortunately, most investors do not possess patience and are often not gifted with a fair amount of time to profit.

Investors who do not want to wait for a long time to see a profit will often benefit more from actively trading cryptocurrencies. The secret to this method is all about timing; after all, when it comes to trading, the golden rule is to buy low and sell high. This rule applies the same to cryptocurrency as it does to any type of investment trading.

It is no secret that humans are not very efficient. Additionally, feelings play a role when you are actively trading. One of the revolutionary ways that the cryptocurrency market is being changed is through the use of trading bots. One of the newer platforms for trading cryptos is Bitcoin Revolution.

When it comes to trading bots, there are many from which to choose. Bitcoin Revolution has a lot to offer, but you may be wondering, does it work?

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Bitcoin revolution platform is a program that allows users to create trading strategies and algorithms that will then be executed on their behalf when pre-set market conditions are met during live trading. The program runs on the cloud, which means that you do not have to download anything to your personal computer. It also means that the program can run even when your computer is not on.

Many people feel like they can become proficient at analyzing the markets on their own. While this is true, using a platform such as the Bitcoin Revolution provides investors with the opportunity to automate the trades that they want to make. Overall, this platform does not guarantee that you will make money. However, it does make the entire process of trading much more straightforward and opens opportunities that investors may not have unless they sit in front of their computers all day, every day.

Bitcoin Revolution: How it Works?

Bitcoin revolution uses trading robots that utilize a smart algorithm. The algorithm provides the robots with the ability to detect the best current deals found in the cryptocurrency market. Using this system, trades are performed for the account holder. In many cases, a profit is earned. Success scores for the platform are high, coming in at around 98 percent. This percentage is impressive, and one of the highest ratings found when it comes to trading robots currently available to use in the cryptocurrency market.

What Brokers Support Bitcoin Revolution?

There are several reliable brokers that the platform works with. Some of these include EuropeFX, Investors, and 24option. These brokers provide a good place for trading and a secure and safe banking option.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

You are not limited to a single cryptocurrency when using the platform. Some of the other robot platforms only support one or two cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin Revolution you will be able to trade the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Monero
  • Dash

Additionally, trading currency pairs with EUR, CHF, and BTC is allowed.

Getting Started

If you are interested in trading through the Bitcoin Revolution platform, the first step is to register a new account. You will need to download the account registration form and complete it. The process of registering an account is very quick, which is nice as it can be frustrating to fill out lengthy forms just to get started. It is free to open your account. You will first need to provide your full name, an email address, and a phone number. You will also need to set up a password.

Registering your new Bitcoin Revolution account

Funding your Account

Once you have been provided with a notification that your account is successfully registered, it is time to make your first deposit. The minimum amount to deposit is $250. Making a deposit is relatively easy as there are several options from which to choose. Paypal, Skrill, credit, and debit cards are all options for making your first deposit. A deposit can be made from any country and using any currency. Most deposits are processed right away, which allows you to move into actual trading right away.

When it comes to making a deposit, there are a couple of things that you should know. First, the minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. It is recommended that you start with this amount. You can add more money to the account as you become more familiar and comfortable using the platform.

Second, your deposits are your trading capital. This means that they simply fund your trades. Every time you make a successful trade, you will be able to choose to either withdraw your earnings or reinvest the amount of your choosing.

Demo Trading

One of the great features the Bitcoin Revolution offers is a demo trading account. This type of account will allow you to test settings and trades through a demo mode. Using this will help you better understand how the trading bots operate. The demo account is very beneficial, and it is recommended that you use this option when you are first starting on the platform. The demo account is easy to navigate and will help you learn more about how live trading works.

Live Trading

Bitcoin revolution live trading

After you are comfortable using the demo account, it is time to begin live trading. There are two modes of live trading available. The first type is manual trading. Manual trading on the platform is very user friendly and can be easily operated. However, if you choose this mode, it is recommended that you have a bit of knowledge and experience. If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, the manual option is likely not the best choice.

The second option is automated trading. Automated trading works by the robots scanning the markets endlessly. During these scans, the robots will gather and analyze information to find trades the might be profitable. Once the robots find these trades, it will execute it on your behalf. This is a simple way to start trading, and there are no real actions required on your part.

Other Features

One question that often comes up when reviewing cryptocurrency platforms is whether there are any hidden fees. After researching Bitcoin Revolution, there are no membership fees. Once you join the platform, there is no additional cost for using the software. Withdrawal and deposit transactions are also free.


As mentioned, the registration form is straightforward and concise. However, the system must verify the information. This process is typically done instantly, giving you access to your account right away.

Payouts and Withdrawals

After completing a transaction, your profit is automatically calculated. The robot’s performance and processes are very accurate and extremely efficient.

Perhaps one of the essential features is withdrawals. After all, when you are making money on the platform you want to make sure that you have access to the money when you want it. The good news is, the withdrawal process through this system is flawless. Transactions are smooth and will be processed in a single business day, as stated.

It is important to note that there are no restrictions for withdrawals. It is advisable to withdraw your profits at all times and then to reinvest your capital. Verification systems are in place and active at all times; this will help you avoid making a mistake during the withdrawal process.

Customer Support

When it comes to investing hard-earned money, you want to make sure that there is someone on the other end ready to take care of any questions that you might have. Customer support for the platform is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is an online form that you can use to contact support as well as an online chat that can be used. The wait time was always minimal, which means that you can have your questions answered as you need.

Bitcoin Revolution Review:

Pros and Cons

As with every type of trading platform available, there are some good things and some bad things. Some of the positive aspects of Bitcoin Revolution include:

  • Easy to set up
  • Simple account verification
  • Trade settings are customizable
  • No hidden charges or fees
  • Easy to withdraw money
  • Many cryptocurrencies are supported
  • Several deposit options
  • The minimum deposit is low at just $250

Some of the negative aspects of the Bitcoin Revolution include:

  • Currently does not offer a mobile app.
  • Marketing claims are not verified
  • Solid data does not back high accuracy rates

Tips for Starting with Bitcoin Revolution

When it comes to investing, one of the most important things you can do is educate yourself. While the claims that are made by many of these robot platforms make it seem easy to make money, the truth is that it is not as simple as it seems. If you are considering this form of investment, make sure that you understand the market and that you take the time to follow the trends and the news. Read as much as you can about the cryptocurrency market before deciding to invest any of your money on this platform.

It is also good to utilize the demo trading account when you first create an account on the platform. This provides you with the opportunity to practice using the platform. You will be able to see precisely how trades work and what you can expect when entering the live trade arena. Take your time and be patient using the demo account before you jump in.

Start Small

You may have been saving your money for a bit and think that you are ready to risk it all. However, whenever you start out using a new platform, it is best to start out small. When you start with the minimum amount for your first deposit it will allow you the time to test and experiment with amounts that you can afford to lose. This provides you with the opportunity to test out different settings to determine what might work best for your particular account.

Additionally, the better you are at setting trade rules, the higher amounts that you will be able to trade. This translates into bigger profits in the long term. When you start out small and practice patience, you are more likely to make the gains that you are looking for. This will provide you with more money in your account than you started with. You can then use this amount to make trades instead of depositing more money. Starting out small helps to minimize the risk. Remember, there are no guarantees when it comes to investing.

Conclusion: is Bitcoin Revolution Legit ?

After testing all of the features and stages of this system, the overall verdict is that the platform is impressive. There are several characteristics and advantages that benefit traders. This includes a friendly interface, several great features, no extra charges, easy transactions, and quality customer service.

For those considering cryptocurrency trading, no matter what type of experience you might have, this can be a very useful tool. Registering an account is simple. The settings can be easily manipulated, potential for profiting is high, and the withdrawal process is easy to follow, with money being back into your account in just 24 hours. Every step just takes a couple of minutes. Trades are handled by the robot, making the system fairly hands off once you get started.

Additionally, the program is safe to use and all financial accounts and personal information is protected. Bitcoin Revolution is backed by professional and licensed brokers and any questions that you might have are answered quickly, professionally, and at no additional cost.

Conclusion: exceptional software for beginners and professionals.

Bitcoin Revolution On This Morning and Dragons Den

There are rumors circulating on the internet that TV Show like This Morning or Dragon Den endorse Bitcoin Revolution software. All its rumors are false, and are spread by fakenews on internet.