BitQT Review

Who doesn’t want to be able to work for less than 20 minutes per day and still make a lot of money? This should be possible with BitQT. This is what the provider says on its website: Bitcoin makes people rich. Calculate your free profit. Learn how much you could earn.

Crypto robots are flooded with tempting advertising claims, so don’t be fooled by these promises. Are there great profits with BitQT, or is it a scam? Are the operators trustworthy? Can beginners use BitQT? Or is it reserved for professionals only? These questions are answered and we determine whether BitQT is worth the investment.


What is BitQT? How does the crypto robot Work?

BitQT is a trading bot that trades Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies fully automatically. It analyses economic indicators and exploits price fluctuations to make profits. The provider claims that it delivers a greater return than day traders with an 88% success rate.

Based on an algorithm, this trading robot scans cryptocurrency markets 24/7. He uses an algorithm to calculate the probability of cryptocurrency prices rising and then trades, buys and sells Bitcoin independently.

In a short summary, the most important aspect of BitQT

  • Profitable trading robot, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a semaine
  • No hidden costs
  • The user-friendliness of the software is also a plus for novice traders
  • Within 24 hours, payout of winnings
  • Fast and competent customer service

BitQT operators continue to develop this algorithm and adapt it to market conditions. The crypto robot is available 24 hours a days, seven days a semaine, unlike human traders. The BitQT algorithm has a 0.01 second advantage over all other trading robots and can generate more profits than the competition.

The bot can be controlled by parameters. If the program fails to work, these must be reset. This is not possible because current indicators and empirical values cannot guarantee profits. Even with automated processes errors may sneak into the code.

Instructions for BitQT: Three steps to create a BitQT Account

Step 1. Register on BitQT

To trade with BitQT, traders need to first create a free account. This can be done on the BitQT official site. You only need to provide a few personal details, such as your name and e-mail address.

Step 2: Make a deposit

Once the trader has created their username and password, they will be able to choose a broker and deposit the minimum industry deposit of EUR 250 via credit card, debit card, PayPal or Discover Network. Other trading bots may also require this minimum amount, e.g. This minimum amount is also required by other trading bots, e.g. Oil Profit, Bitcoin Era, or Bitcoin Code

Before the trader activates automated trading and starts, he should familiarize with the program through the demo account and adjust the settings.

Step 3: Trade

The trading room in the live account allows users to choose which cryptocurrencies they wish to trade. It is also recommended to indicate the number of transactions that will be performed simultaneously and to select a starting amount.

We recommend that you start with 25 Euros per trade.

When should you use Bitcoin robots like BitQT?

You don’t have to be a beginner or an expert in cryptocurrency. Trading bots such as BitQT offer a wide range of benefits that anyone can take advantage of. The trading bot can be run on your computer or mobile phone, and you don’t have to leave any other programs running.

Despite the automation, it is important to keep an eye on the parameters and make adjustments as necessary. The control panel allows users to view their portfolio and adjust their settings. The transaction history tab lets you review your past and learn from any negative transactions.

You can also monitor the performance of the Bitcoin Robot in real time via the open transactions tab. You can also set the bot to stop trading after reaching a certain profit level if you wish to be safe. For best results, BitQT operators recommend Fibonacci strategy.

BitQT’s results compare to those of Bitcoin Loophole, which are both legitimate Bitcoin bots. It is true that the process of setting up parameters and checking them out takes less than 20 minutes per day. The interface is easy to use.

How can beginners use the BitQT App?

BitQT’s trading bot is very easy to use. BitQT is a powerful trading platform that even beginners can use, especially if they aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency trading. Register on the website to verify your account. You can start trading immediately with a minimum deposit of EUR250 and let the modern algorithms do the rest.

After the money has been deposited, you can view the entire interface and get familiar with it. You just need to adjust certain settings so the trading bot works for you.

Is BitQT legit or a scam?

BitQT is a reliable provider. We tested it. It works flawlessly and is growing in popularity due to its ease-of-use.

Signs of seriousness

BitQT’s tutorials and webinars are a big draw. You can find information and continue your education on the site for beginners. The teaching materials are serious.

BitQT provides top-notch customer support that does not require you to wait 24 hours for an answer. This shows professionalism and builds trust.

Winnings are paid within 24 hours. This is why there is so much positive feedback online.

A demo account, which is not accessible for all trading bots but can be used to test the system, speaks volumes about seriousness. BitQT offers a virtual credit worth 1,500 euros that you can use in demo mode to get familiar with the program’s functions.

BitQT also works with licensed brokers, which users can choose to use. After registration, you’ll be connected to the broker that will manage your funds and invest them into assets.

BitQT’s operators do not subscribe to a subscription model. Because the bot’s trading volume is high, the operators make their money. Developers get one percent for every transaction. BitQT has no hidden fees

Get BitQT to calculate your potential profits immediately

What are the general risks and hazards?

Digital currencies can be very volatile. This means that prices can fluctuate significantly and investments could be lost. This risk is magnified by automated trading software.

Do your research and be aware of red flags before you commit to a bot. You should read the terms and conditions, especially the fine print. Also be aware of any potential costs. Other risks include viruses on the computer or the spying of personal information. A provider of a cryptobot should review these potential risks.

What makes BitQT different from the rest?

BitQT’s unique advantage is its ability to make sustainable profits using the most recent technologies. BitQT is protected from hacker attacks thanks to its excellent security system.

BitQT is also suitable for beginners. Many people don’t have the time or desire to spend hours learning the technicalities of crypto and financial markets. The payout process can be difficult and time-consuming for many trading bot providers. BitQT has no such problems. You can withdraw your funds from your account in 24 hours.

Are you able to make huge profits?

The question of whether crypto trading robots keep their promises is often raised when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. The crypto markets are highly volatile. High fluctuations are possible. Market volatility can push even the most skilled traders to their limits. BitQT has the advantage of an algorithm-based computer system, which is always making calculations in background.

This algorithm could be flawed, but high profits with BitQT can be achieved if everything goes according to plan.

What is Trustpilot’s BitQT reviews like?

Trustpilot user reviews are excellent. We checked them out. BitQT has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and is considered to be the best automated trading bot.

Customers are also treated quickly by BitQT’s customer service. Trustpilot reviews clearly support BitQT.

Is BitQT available as a demo account?

A demo account can be very useful in many ways. Anyone who creates a BitQT account should be familiar with the demo account before opening one. You can test the software and decide if trading is for you. With a few trades, even the most experienced traders can quickly see how the software compares with other providers’ software.

This demo account is intended for new users with little experience trading cryptocurrency. If you’re new to trading cryptocurrencies, it is a good idea to open a BitQT demo account before you begin trading. Completely new traders might also need to understand how the market works and which features are available.

You can trade with real money in just a few clicks if you reach the point where you are ready to do so. You can use the knowledge you have gained immediately by opening a real money account that looks exactly like BitQT demo account.

Tips and tricks for traders

  • First, use a demo account
  • Get familiar with cryptocurrency and its mechanics
  • The process can be viewed as a marathon, not a race.
  • Before you start to act, create a strategy.
  • Diversify your portfolio, analyze your trades
  • Be careful not to take too much of your winnings, but also be cautious about being greedy.
  • Be in control of your emotions and keep a goal in sight

Fake News about BitQT with celebrities

Fake news about Jamie Oliver, a celebrity who wants to close down his restaurants, is much less pleasant. Jet Li, Nicole Kidman, and other Hollywood stars aren’t too crazy about BitQT. Many rumors and ads claim that BitQT was approved and featured on “TV Show”. This is obviously fake news, according to our research.

Frank Thelen, who was the victim in a fraudulent ad, started the whole fraud. This should encourage people into investing in the trading bot. Frank Thelen posted a comment on Facebook, stating that he had not invested in a trading robot and that his name was being used for this purpose. His legal action was also taken.

BitQT claims that such rumors were likely spread deliberately to doubt the seriousness and reliability of BitQT. BitQT users should be aware that BitQT was never discussed on television or recommended by celebrities. BitQT’s popularity was due to its widespread use on the internet.

Why are there so many fake news stories?

Such celebrity endorsements are a sign of phishing. Clickbait blogs use the same SEO keyword tricks as Bitcoin and trading to generate clickbait.

Fake news also emerged from the report that British tabloid Daily Mirror had published an article on BitQT. To lure genuine traders, scammers copied the interface of Daily Mirror.

Is that the reason BitQT is faked? This has nothing to do with BitQT. This site is trustworthy and can help you find a trading bot that works.

Pros and cons of BitQT

BitQT cannot guarantee profits. You, as a trader, have some responsibility for this software. If the results are not satisfactory, the trader must set them himself. You can’t do this at night. A robot that fully automates trading requires trust.


The software is ideal for novice traders because it is simple to get started and BitQT provides a lot more information than automated trading.

BitQT does not require any personal information such as bank statements, or other financial data to register quickly. Registering is easy with just a few personal details.

You can use the demo account to get to know the platform.

There are many benefits to this system, including a high success rate of between 88-95% as well as fast payouts of winnings within 24 hour.

  • BitQT has no hidden fees such as broker fees or commissions. The customer service is excellent. You can reach customer support via email or live chat 24/7. Account managers are highly knowledgeable and respond quickly.
  • BitQT’s main advantages are its ease-of-use and its automated trading platform. BitQT can also work at night and determine in a matter of seconds whether or not a trade is worth it. Professionals find it difficult to quickly calculate probabilities and then react accordingly.
  • BitQT doesn’t join the majority of investors’ activities; it is able make profitable trades because it doesn’t follow general trends.


  • BitQT users can find information on the BitQT website that BitQT can make an average of 1,300 euro per trading day. However, beginners earn less as they don’t take on a lot of risk.
  • BitQT is not available as a mobile application.
  • A user must also remember that trading with a crypto-robot can be risky.

Conclusion of our BitQT review

For both beginners and professionals, trading robots are the best tool for the cryptocurrency market. This popularity has a negative side effect: ruthless people spreading rumors to preserve the status quo, or seeking to fraudulently capitalize upon the positive reputation.

Trading cryptocurrencies can result in total losses. This is because it is always risky to invest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. There is no guarantee that a provider will make a profit. BitQT’s complex algorithm seems to minimize automation errors.

  • The deposit amount is very low
  • The free demo account comes with virtual credit
  • The many training materials
  • BitQT’s user interface is simple and makes it an attractive provider in a sector with many investment opportunities.

BitQT’s operators are trustworthy and offer a modern trading bot. It is possible to make a large profit with just a small investment. Although it is impossible to become a millionaire overnight, BitQT can be a profitable platform for anyone with common sense.

High returns and BitQT’s growing popularity are the reasons why BitQT is gaining in popularity all over the globe. Trading cryptocurrencies can be risky due to volatility. BitQT’s trading software makes it simple to start trading. This makes BitQT a great investment tool that offers high returns and is easy to use.

Register with BitQT to trade and receive a free demo account