Is Bitcoin legal ?

Part 7 of our series on bitcoin basics. This post will examine the legalities surrounding bitcoin. The Blockchain and Bitcoin are fundamentally new technologies. They operate independently of regulation or central government. These differences in national and corporate positions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are common among nations. Many countries have just recently announced their intention to regulate or … Read more

How does Bitcoin work ?

This part of our Bitcoin guide explains that Bitcoin is a new type of currency, also known as a cryptocurrency or digital money. It was created to be a global currency system. Blockchain and Bitcoin Bitcoin is based on fundamentally new technology. It relies on cryptography and the use of powerful computers. The internet allows … Read more

Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation?

Experts and investors are looking for a way to store their assets and money in an environment that doesn’t lose its value due to the rise in inflation in fiat currencies. Many investors started to hold cryptocurrency as a hedge against rising inflation. We will be discussing Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency, which can be used to hedge against … Read more

Where did the rumors of the collapse of USDC come from?

Where did the rumors of USDC collapse come from? A Twitter thread by @CryptoInsider23 said Circle was constantly losing money as the company raised money twice a year over the past year to pay for the ~5% incentive they offered. According to Gerald Davidson (@CryptoInsider23) analysis on Twitter, Circle already lost $500 million in the … Read more

Meta Offers NFTs to Users of the Crypto Winter Period

Meta provides non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to users during the Crypto Winter period to stay ahead of the competition with other platforms. Mehta’s head of fintech, Stephane Kasriel, told the Financial Times that the company will continue to push the NFT blueprint. Kasriel said he hasn’t changed his plans “at all” despite disappointing indicators from the … Read more

Inflation Data Released: How Will The Cryptocurrency Market Be Affected?.

The decisions made by the FED and other institutions with which the US shares economic data have been causing sharp fluctuations in the crypto money market for about two years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will release inflation data this Wednesday. The latest inflation data exceeded expectations, causing the downtrend in the cryptocurrency market … Read more

Cryptocurrency brokerage Voyager Digital files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Voyager Digital (Chapter 11), a crippled cryptocurrency brokerage, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following last week’s suspension of deposits and withdrawals. A series of collapsing cryptocurrency collateral is causing chaos throughout the industry, with giant corporations collapsing like dominoes. Most recently, Voyager Digital filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in New York, according to documents filed … Read more