Why should you invest in bitcoin

The precedent part of our bitcoin guide covered how to store your Bitcoin. This part is focuses on why you should invest your Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a significant step forward in the future of currency. Peer-to-peer transactions were traditionally characterized by parties exchanging goods, precious material, or fiat currencies. This central bank regulates and controls the … Read more

How can I store Bitcoin?

Similar to holding large amounts paper money, bitcoin holders must take several precautions in order to protect their wealth. Although some traders might trade between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, it is best to keep your bitcoins safe by using a wallet. As we have already mentioned, the term “wallet” is not an accurate description. Some prefer … Read more

How can I buy and sell Bitcoin?

Many investors find buying and selling Bitcoin complicated or difficult due to its recent rise and the fact it is backed technology (mathematical evidence) rather than any other asset. This is not the case. As with other fiat currencies one can also receive Bitcoin to pay for goods or services rendered, as well as to give … Read more

How much is a Bitcoin worth?

Bitcoin’s creation was made possible by Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, and the mining of genesis blocks. The first bitcoins were sold at $1c USD each. What is Bitcoin’s current worth? The Bitcoin price has experienced dramatic gains in the last three years. This has fueled intense media speculation and hype, which has helped to create … Read more

Is Bitcoin Money?

Part 5 of our series on bitcoin basics looked at if Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation. This article will examine whether bitcoin can be considered money. As we have seen, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which, because of its fundamental properties is the next step in evolution of money. Bitcoin was designed to be a rare digital commodity. Bitcoin … Read more

Is Bitcoin legal ?

Part 7 of our series on bitcoin basics. This post will examine the legalities surrounding bitcoin. The Blockchain and Bitcoin are fundamentally new technologies. They operate independently of regulation or central government. These differences in national and corporate positions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are common among nations. Many countries have just recently announced their intention to regulate or … Read more

How does Bitcoin work ?

This part of our Bitcoin guide explains that Bitcoin is a new type of currency, also known as a cryptocurrency or digital money. It was created to be a global currency system. Blockchain and Bitcoin Bitcoin is based on fundamentally new technology. It relies on cryptography and the use of powerful computers. The internet allows … Read more

Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation?

Experts and investors are looking for a way to store their assets and money in an environment that doesn’t lose its value due to the rise in inflation in fiat currencies. Many investors started to hold cryptocurrency as a hedge against rising inflation. We will be discussing Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency, which can be used to hedge against … Read more

Bitcoin Wallet – What is it ? How it work ?

A bitcoin wallet is an application that enables you to store your bitcoins and send them to others. There are many different types of wallets, including desktop, mobile, and online wallets. The bitcoin wallet stores your keys to access bitcoin addresses and send transactions. Some of them can even be used for other cryptocurrencies. A … Read more