Against Western Sanctions, Russia Considers Licensing Crypto for International Payments

The Russian Federation is reportedly considering allowing cryptocurrencies to be used in international payments. It was Russia’s response to sanctions imposed by the West after its military operation into Ukraine. Moscow-based news agency Interfax reported on Friday (27/5/2022), Head of the Financial Policy Division at the Russian Ministry of Finance, Ivan Chebeskov, that Russia is … Read more

India Implements New Crypto Tax, Trading Volume Drops by 90 Percent

India’s new cryptocurrency tax has dealt a heavy blow to the country’s crypto exchanges, adding to broader sectoral woes and sending trading volumes plunging by up to 90 percent. A 1 percent tax on Indian cryptocurrency trading since the start of this month has been a further disincentive for investors in the crypto market. Previously, … Read more

Russia Monitors Crypto Transactions Strictly

Russia’s financial monitoring agency, Rosfinmonitoring, said it was using software to track cryptocurrency transactions. They also hope to improve those capabilities as Moscow regulates what one lawmaker has dubbed “cryptomania”. The Bank of Russia (Russia’s central bank) has long voiced skepticism over cryptocurrencies due to concerns over financial stability. They have also advocated a complete … Read more

FBI Puts Crypto Queen on Top 10 Most Wanted List

Ruja Ignatova, also known as the ‘disappearing Crypto Queen’ has been placed on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) 10 most wanted list. This Bulgarian woman is being wanted on charges of fraudulent cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency known as OneCoin. Federal investigators have accused Ignatova of using the OneCoin scheme to defraud her victims of … Read more

Bitcoin Champion Review

For experienced investors, investing in cryptocurrencies is not a secret tip. You can invest in virtual coins by actively trading them and making a profit. This can be automated with crypto robots, which allow you to trade the coins automatically. We have tested many trading bots in the past to determine the best. It is … Read more

Oil Profit Review

Oil Profit is one the most popular and widely used auto-trading bots on the market. This software automates trading and allows users to make smart investments in oil. It is relatively easy to get returns with oil due to current market conditions. The price of oil fluctuates continuously, and small investors often find it difficult … Read more

Bitcoin Superstar Review

Bitcoin Superstar is a Bitcoin trading platform and bot, that can empower beginners and pros alike to make huge profits trading cryptocurrency. In this Bitcoin Superstar review, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the platform, to determine whether it’s right for you. You are mistaken if you think you can quickly make … Read more

NFT Profit Review

NFT profit is a new automated trading robot that promises to make profits in cryptocurrency trading. The bot uses sophisticated algorithms, AI and machine learning to speculate about cryptocurrency price. NFT Profit will place trading orders on your behalf so you can make profits but also take the risk of losing. CFD contracts can be … Read more

Profit Revolution Review

Due to the steep fall in interest rates, traditional investment options are losing their appeal. If you are looking for a way to take a chance, look into cryptocurrency. There are now even auto trading systems and tools that can make trading easier, such as the crypto robots. These trading robots can take control of every trade and … Read more