Creative Europe approved in European Parliament

Posted 19th November 2013

Today the EU parliament approved the new Creative Europe programme.

Taking over from the existing Culture and MEDIA programmes, this new combined programme will receive an increase in funding over the next seven years, as much as 9% more than current levels, providing a boost to the cultural and creative sectors.

The programme will continue to support both the cultural/creative and audiovisual sectors via two sub-programmes.  It will also launch a new financial guarantee facility enabling small cultural and creative businesses to access up to €750 million in bank loans, encouraging the creation of jobs across the creative industries.

Overall the new programme will provide funding for at least 250 000 artists and cultural professionals, 2 000 cinemas, 800 films and 4 500 book translations.

The Creative Europe programme will be definitively adopted by the Council in the weeks to come and will enter into force in January 2014.

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Read more in the European Commission’s press release:

Creative Europe press release 191113