Find a Partner

Creative Europe supports cross-border exchange and cooperation. The best partnerships develop over time and can be a meeting of shared or contrasting intent, creative practice and project outcomes. To help initiate this process, here are some first steps to finding a partner:

1. Add your own listing* and look for partners on Creative Europe Desk UKs NEWLY LAUNCHED Partner Search:

Remember to check the results table regularly as new partner organisations and project ideas are added!

You can also look for partners on the databases hosted by the Creative Europe Desks in the following countries:

2. Make use of over 100 European cultural networks in every artform and discipline. See our abridged list here.

3. Search the SPPACE database of previously successful projects and get in touch with a network of Culture programme project managers! Visit SPPACE here.

4. Other sources: has an excellent list of cultural organisations world-wide. Also check On the Move for mobility funding opportunities.



*This is a public notice board, Creative Europe Desk UK will monitor this tool to check the suitability of the information posted but cannot be held responsible for resulting contact and links. If you have posted information that you no longer wish to be included on the site, please contact the team and it will be removed at the earliest opportunity.