Quick Summary of Forthcoming Deadlines 

  • Cooperation Projects: 7 October 2015* (then early October annually)
  • Literary Translation (Category 1 – two year projects): February 2016* (then early February annually)
  • European Networks: 5 October 2016
  • European Platforms: 25 February 2015

*Further annual deadlines are set each year.

More Details

These are the deadlines for the Creative Europe Culture sub-programme calls. The calls are published several months before the actual deadline which means that the official application and guidance forms are not available until then. However, the previous calls documents are still available and generally do not change much from call to call.

See the Commission’s page for all official guidance documents on the deadlines

European Cooperation Projects Small and Large

Annual Calls: deadlines from Wednesday 1 October 2014
*’Large’ Cooperation Projects can commence May – December

Thereafter, the first Wednesday of every October until 2020
See section 3 “the indicative timetable for the following years for the duration of the Programme” in the Guidelines for Cooperation projects

European Platforms

1st call deadline: Wednesday 19 March 2014
(for three-year ‘framework partnership agreements’)


2nd call deadline: Wednesday 25 February 2015
(for two-year ‘framework partnership agreements’)


3rd call deadline:
Wednesday 5 October 2016
(for four-year ”framework partnership agreements’)


European Networks

1st call deadline: Wednesday 19 March 2014
(for three-year ”framework partnership agreements’)

2nd call deadlineWednesday 5 October 2016
(for four-year ”framework partnership agreements’)

Literary Translation Projects

Category 1 – two year projects
Annual calls: next deadline is 3 February 2015 – call to be published mid November 2014
Thereafter, the first Wednesday of every February until 2020

Category 2
– framework partnership agreements
1st call deadline: 12 March 2014

2nd call: 1 February 2017